Hedgelaying Benefits


Over time hedges becomes tired and begin to look unsightly and are difficult to maintain. They develop very poor weak growth, open up at the bottom, become top heavy and no longer can they be expected to provide a stock proof barrier.

It can no longer provide good shelter for animals, it’s wildlife habitat is severely diminished and in time the hedge will die.

Well maintained hedges provide a wildlife haven for small animals and birds and shelter for live stock.

By laying your hedges you will promote new growth from the ground keeping it healthy and thick for years to come. Any hedge wether a garden or field farm hedge can be laid.

You can expect a well laid hedge to last up to 50 years, if trimmed correctly during this time. Not so of a wooden fence.

There are many regional styles but here in the South we lay mainly ‘The South of England Style’. This is a double brush hedge,with stakes and binders used to hold the hedge strong and stable whilst the new growth gets itself established.

Why lay a hedge?