Clive Gilligan Hedgelayer

Est since 1995


Hedgelaying in East and West Sussex

For many years my husband Clive worked as an Air Traffic Engineer for the Civil Aviation Authority. In 1995 he was offered early retirement and having watched some hedgelaying that winter he decided to join The South of England Hedgelaying Society. This excellent active group showed him the ropes, and taught him the skills he needed to help regenerate hedges.

He became a commercial hedgelayer accredited by The National Hedgelaying Society and has won and been placed in many national competitions all over the UK.

Nineteen years on he is one the counties most experienced hedgelayers.

He is an  active member and volunteer teaching others within the South of England Hedgelaying Society and is still enjoying the challenge that is Hedgelaying.

Contact Clive on his mobile: 07764 849319. Landline: 01273 911303 or email:

If you want to discuss regeneration of your hedge!

If you want to get involved with hedgelaying in the South a very good starting point is:

The South of England Hedgelaying Society.

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